When is Neck Pain Potentially Serious?

Neck pain frequently results from poor posture, but if that is never recognized as the culprit, constant neck pain can go untreated. Pain can accumulate over time as damage compounds, and eventually pain in the neck can demand surgical intervention. Before you resort to surgery in Austin for neck pain, however, you should consult with a pain management specialist to make sure it is the right option.

There are many nerves that run along the spine, originating at the base of the brain and extending down through the neck, spine, and traveling throughout the body. However, when long-term poor posture results in chronic, unrelenting neck pain, doctors often turn to surgery in an effort to alleviate pain for their patients. Neck pain can be so severe and debilitating that patients can begin to experience nerve damage in their legs, feet, shoulders, arms and hands. The neck, also known as the cervical spine, directly connects to the limbs; thus, nerve damage from poor posture can result in pain for which doctors can offer little relief.

Neck pain that is worsened with certain movements of the head can indicate a more serious medical problem. However, it is rare for itto be anything other than very painful. According to the American Medical Association, the most common cause of neck pain in more than 70% of all cases is prolonged poor posture. We often fail to recognize the many times when we do not sit up straight with our shoulders squared off, heads back and necks straight. We often instruct our children to use proper posture while our own is a physician’s worst nightmare. The result is neck pain for which there is no apparent explanation.

Neck pain should always be evaluated by a medical professional. A doctor may recognize posture as the culprit of your pain and offer you medication to control it. In contrast, a pain specialist will suggest exercises, therapies and behavioral interventions designed to stop yourneck pain from returning. Surgery should always be regarded as a last resort. Chronic pain physicians can often reduce or eradicate neck pain, and Austin has multiple pain management clinics to facilitate such treatment.

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