When Hail Damage Strikes, Roofers Can Help

According to AgWeb, the weather grabbed major headlines in 2011 with tornadoes, droughts, floods, and high winds. Due to weather-related conditions, nearly all of Texas’s 254 counties—including Cedar Park, Austin and other surrounding areas—battled crises this year. Unfortunately, forecasters are predicting more of the same for 2012. Fred Gesser, a global meteorologist, has indicated that the U.S. will witness a La Niña weather pattern again in 2012. For those in Cedar Park, this will most likely mean continued drought and the possibility of severe hail storms throughout the year.

One of the biggest dangers from hail is roof damage. When hail does strike, homeowners should contact roofers in the Cedar Park area immediately so they can determine how much damage, if any, has been done. Insurance companies should also be contacted so that they can begin to work with the roofers to coordinate repair and payment issues.

Homeowners should not be fooled into believing that there is no damage simply because they do not see it. First of all, hail damage cannot be seen from the ground. Secondly, only trained insurance adjusters or experienced roofers can tell whether or not damage has been done to the roof. If the adjusters and roofers disagree, homeowners should ask an independent, third-party inspector to look at the roof. A damaged roof should be replaced as soon as possible so it does not incur further damage from rain or other weather conditions.

A roof provides basic protection for a home and its occupants, so roof repairs should never be put off until later. If other repairs are made inside the home, but the roof leaks, those repairs can be wasted. Most roofers can replace an entire roof in just one day. Also, with few exceptions, roofers can install a new roof on a house during most parts of the year because they have an experienced team of workers at their disposal.

Homeowners should be on the lookout this year for hail storms and hail damage. If they experienced storms this past year and neglected to have their roofs inspected by Cedar Parkroofers, now would be an excellent time to do so.
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