Despite Struggles, Many Music Stores in Houston are Going Strong

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Entertainment & Sports

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Over the last year, several longstanding music stores have closed their doors. Faced with a growing internet market, pressure from a deep recession and an increase in brands and options, many longtime owners have been forced to close up shop. At the same time, however, many music stores in Houston are flourishing.

One of the main reasons that many music stores in Houston have succeeded has been due to focusing on one product or industry. For example, instead of trying to sell band instruments, guitars, violins, organs and pianos, music stores that have successfully stayed in business have limited themselves to one instrument.

At the same time, some music stores in Houston have been able to stay viable by renting instruments to band and orchestra programs at nearby schools. For stores that have such options available, it can be a fairly lucrative gig. Unfortunately, many school districts are cutting back on fine arts programs, which include art, drama and music. Consequently, many stores that rented band instruments to students in the past have seen that business dry up as well.

Fortunately for Houston piano lovers, several music stores in Houston are surviving the current economic times. Many music stores still carry uprights, grands and baby grands for anyone who is looking for a piano. Several music stores in Houston have a variety of digital pianos as well. Anything a pianist requires is available right here in the Houston area.

In addition to instruments, most music stores in Houston offer individualized and group instruction. Although experts say that the best time to learn an instrument is during childhood, not every child grows up with the opportunity to take piano lessons. Therefore, some stores offer adult music lessons as well. Adult piano classes are a great way to keep the mind fit while fulfilling a lifelong dream.

If you are looking for a piano or piano lessons, call one of the many successful music stores in Houston. It might even be possible for you and your child to take piano lessons together.

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