When Garage Doors Will Not Open or Shut, Contacting a Professional Repair Person Can Be the Best Choice

When a home’s Garage Doors, stop opening and shutting correctly it can often become a major inconvenience to many of the members of the household. In most homes today, the garage door is used more than any other doors as a way to gain access and leave a home. Because of this, if the door stops working it can be a major disruption in the resident’s daily lives.

One of the main reasons a garage door will stop working is due to a lack of power. In most cases, the unit has become unplugged or the electrical circuit for the system has been switched off. These are generally easy things for a homeowner to check and correct on their own. However, if the issue is more difficult it is generally best for him or her to contact a company with professional garage door repair persons, like Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements.

A repair person will first want to check some of the major components on the door’s hardware to ensure they are not malfunctioning. This can include the springs or cables. These elements are vital in ensuring the door stays supported while it is opening and shutting. The technician will want to determine if the problem with the door opening or shutting is due to these components being damaged or faulty. If it is, they will need to take extra steps to ensure the door’s weight is properly supported during repairs.

If these components are working, the technician will often spend some time checking over the safety sensors located on the sides of the garage doorway. These units are near the floor and they must be properly aligned or the door will not function properly. This is because one sensor will send a beam to the other sensor to indicate the path is clear of any obstacles. When the sensor receives the beam, it sends a signal to the garage door opening mechanism allowing it to move the door. If the sensors are misaligned, this process is stopped and the door will not move.

This safety sensor prevents a door from being opened or shut while people or things are in the pathway where they might be injured or damaged. Due to the location of the sensors, they can be accidentally moved causing a misalignment. A repair person will generally be able to fix this issue quickly.

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