Improve the Appearance of Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Lubbock TX

Dental bleaching, more commonly known today as tooth whitening is a procedure for removing various levels of stains from the outer layer of your teeth. This may sound a bit harsh, but bleaching is actually a misnomer since the actual chemical used is a form of peroxide. The most common procedure for Teeth Whitening Lubbock TX uses the chemical agent carbamide peroxide for the initial application. Once the peroxide interacts with water it begins to change form into hydrogen peroxide which causes the whitening action. There are of course other types of whitening, but this seems to be the most predominant method in use in many dental offices.

Teeth Whitening Lubbock TX actually encompasses two different types. First is the most highly recommended methods used by licensed dental offices and the rest are the various forms of over the counter products. The major difference is the strength of the application. Over the counter products have to use a much smaller amount of cleaning agent to reduce the chance of harm to the user. For the corporations that sell these products it isn’t worth the extra risk to make them very strong. However, over the counter teeth whitening products can still serve a purpose in keeping your teeth whiter in between dental applications. Due to differences in patient’s teeth it is in your best interest to discuss these concerns with your dentist.

Dental whitening falls into the category of cosmetic dentistry. In fact, it is one of the most performed functions in many dental offices. Cosmetic dentistry is the highest growing field is modern dentistry and covers several useful functions for restoring a person’s smile including caps, crowns and even veneers. Cosmetic dentistry can also cover repairing the effects of gingivitis, gum depigmentation and even portions of the field of orthodontics. Part of the reason that teeth whitening is important to these fields of dentistry is the materials used in tooth repair and replacement isn’t affected by stains or whitening. Improperly whitened teeth could lead to an effect known as a rainbow smile due to the various color shades that result from the whitening action of various visible dental areas. Click here to learn more.

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