What you should know about a hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a variation of classic massage therapy. The massage therapists in Peabody MA place very smooth heated stones on various parts of your body, the stones are also used in the hands of the therapist to massage the body.

Hot stones have been used for massage since the time of the ancients. Today, most massage therapist in Peabody MA has been taught the specific techniques and many of the spas that offer this service have developed their own unique version of this method of massaging.

The stones that are used are basalt; this is a type of rock which is quite high in iron content which is the reason why they retain heat as well as they do. River rocks are the favorite as they have been worn smooth by the river current for a very long time, there are no rough edges.

To heat the stones they are first immersed in water. The water is then heated until it reaches the ideal temperature. These hot stones are then placed on various spots on the back, between the toes and in the palms of your hands. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, once relaxed the massage therapists in Peabody MA can apply more pressure to get a deep muscle massage. As is true with traditional Chinese medicine, it is thought that there are certain points on the body that act as energy centers, the stones are often placed on these points as a way to rebalance the body and the mind.

Why get a hot stone massage?

People find that the warmth from the hot stones is very relaxing and comforting. For people who suffer from cold feet it is an ideal treatment, it is also used extensively for those whose muscles are tense but they find it hard to tolerate a deep massage. The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles; the therapist can then finish the massage using much lighter pressure than normal.

What do the stones feel like?

The stones are extremely smooth and always flat. The size of the stones used on the back is similar to an egg but flat. When the stones are taken from the hot water the therapist holds them to ensure that they are not uncomfortably hot. Don’t be afraid to say so if you find them a little too hot for your liking.

The massage therapists in Peabody MA are skilled with giving “Hot Stone Envy”, a one and a half hour hot stone massage.

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