Questions About The Different Types Of Hail Damage In Carmel To Your Home

The elements of nature, especially hail, can cause serious damage to the outside of your home. Hailstones can be as big as golf balls and these hard nuggets of ice can really pelt your roof, siding and gutters. If your house has sustained Hail Damage in Carmel, you should call an experienced and qualified company to do the repairs to the outside of your home.

Q.) How can hail damage my roof and how can I determine the damage?

A.) If your house is roofed with asphalt shingles, large hailstones can damage the shingles as they hit your roof. Hail often crushes the shingles and loosens the granules upon impact, which leads to deterioration of the shingles. As the shingles begin to degrade and lose granules, they’re not protecting your house and your roof may begin to leak. When examining your roof for hail damage, look for circular impressions on the shingles and missing granules.

Q.) Will my gutters still work properly if they are dented from hail?

A.) This all depends on the amount of damage and the type of gutters you have installed. Apart from looking banged up and less attractive, most aluminum or copper gutters will still function properly even after being damaged by hail. If your gutters are made out of PVC, then the hail could have possibly knocked holes in them and they’re now probably useless.

Q.) Hail damaged the vinyl siding on my house, but my neighbor’s vinyl siding looks fine. What gives?

A.) There are a few factors to consider when it comes to siding and Hail Damage in Carmel. Since your neighbor lives close by, it’s highly unlikely that the hailstones were bigger in your yard. The amount of damage to vinyl depends on the age of the vinyl and the quality. As vinyl siding ages, it becomes weaker, due to the elements and the sun. If your siding is several years older than your neighbor’s, then it isn’t as strong. Vinyl is also available in different thicknesses and the thicker the vinyl, the better it will stand up to hail. Your vinyl may be a different grade than your neighbor’s, which would explain why your siding was damaged and your neighbor’s was not.

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