What You Need To Know Before Visiting An Aztec Tattoo Artist In San Diego CA

Aztec tattoos are very popular choices for men and women who like intricately designed or bold tattoos. Although they differ greatly, both types of designs are reminiscent of the ancient Aztecs. If you’re undecided about what type of Aztec tattoo you want, talk to an Aztec Tattoo Artist in San Diego CA area and look at his portfolio. Below you’ll discover some interesting information about the history, meanings and the different types of Aztec tattoos.

History of Aztec Tattoos

Aztec designs have their origins in Mexico and the natives would receive their tattoos during a tribal ritual. Each tribe had specific tattoos that were used to make a distinctions between each tribe. Members of each tribe were also tattooed with various Aztec designs to signify their accomplishments and their status in the tribe. Tattoo placement was generally on the chest, stomach or wrist of the natives.

Meanings of Aztec Tattoos

Long ago, the image of an Aztec warrior was used to signify the passage of one’s soul after death. The feathered serpent was the symbol of creativity, fertility and the weather. An Aztec eagle tattoo had the meaning of courage, strength and power, and many Aztec warriors were adorned with this design. Today, there are several variations of the eagle tattoo; however, the genuine Aztec eagle design has its head facing the west with an open beak. The Aztecs used the design of a hummingbird as the symbol for the sun.

Types of Aztec Tattoo Designs

Many Aztec tattoos are black and gray, but some people prefer to have bright colors in their tattoo. Depending on the design, some Aztec tattoos have many small lined details while others are large and bold. Some popular types of tattoo designs include wings, feathers, a chief, birds, serpents and the Aztec calendar. After you decide on the perfect tattoo, an Aztec Tattoo Artist in San Diego CA can skillfully adorn your body with the design of your choice.
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