Tropical Watercolor Paintings Express the Vibrancy of Floridian Themes

You cannot live in Florida and not be inspired by its tropical beauty. Because we represent an artist who specializes in tropical watercolor paintings, we at Negley Watercolors find the artwork of Ellen Negley to always be an interesting contrast of colors and subjects. Whether the themes are based on urban landscapes or more natural settings, we believe the art that is expressed is always dynamic and unique.

Fusion T-shirt Designs

We want to call your attention to the fusion t-shirts that are offered offer here at Negley Watercolors as well. The screen-printed v-necks are just one example of how tropical watercolor paintings can be turned into a fashionable piece of apparel.

The paintings we represent at Negley Watercolors have appeared in needlework as well. Therefore, if you decide to decorate your home with one of the paintings, you may also find that our watercolor expressions can be included in your clothes closet as well as on the pillows of your furnishings.

Here at Negley Water Colors, watercolor art does not only include the tropical watercolor paintings of Florida but also highlights the villages of France. Take the time to review our paintings that showcase such enchanting places as Dordogne and Honfleur, France. We, at Negley Watercolors, are sure you will enjoy the vibrancy and spirit of these watercolor expressions.

Delray, Florida

We often feature the city of Delray in a lot the artwork we represent. As a result, we have also discovered that the locale has a number of noted points of interest as well as an interesting history. This Miami location is home to about 61,000 residents.

In its past, a number of Native American tribes lived or passed through Delray Beach, as well as runaway slaves and trappers and hunters. The recorded history of the area starts with the building, in 1876, of the Orange Grove House of Refuge, its name referencing an orange grove in the area. The first school in the area was established in 1894.

William S. Linton further expanded the area in 1894 and started selling plots to enlarge the local farming community. The Florida East Coast Railroad established a stop in the area, at the time called Linton, in 1896.

Truck farming was followed by a Florida land boom in the ‘20s and revitalization of historical districts later in the 20th century. Delray Beach has always been an interesting ever-changing spot of interest for real estate developers, historians, vacationers and painters.

A Fun Small Town to Paint

It is not surprising that this Florida town of towns was officially named by Today Travel as America’s Most Fun Small Town. Because of a gentrification program, “The Avenue,” otherwise known as East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, is noted for its dining, shopping and nightlife. You can view “The Avenue” featured among the paintings here on the Negley Watercolors website.

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