What to Expect When You Have an Old Roof on Your Edmonton House

If you’ve lived in your house for a while, chances are good that you will need to have the roof replaced at some point. It is also possible that you bought an as-is house knowing that you’ll need to put a new roof on the structure sooner rather than later. If you have never had to put a new roof on a house, you might be unsure of what to expect throughout the process. Keep these three tips in mind for the day when the roofing contractors in Edmonton area arrive at your property for the installation of your new roof.

Clearance for the Workers
The roofers will need clearance to work around the entire perimeter of your house. If you need to get your vehicle out of the garage, it is best to street park it the night before. The roofers may need to put a dumpster in your driveway for the tear-off of the old roofing materials.

The installation of a new roof is a noisy process. The workers will tear off the old roofing materials and may need to nail down new sheets of decking. Nail guns are used to install shingles and cedar shakes. If your home’s gutters are being replaced, their hangers require the use of power tools. Decking and gutters may need to be cut with saws.

Be Aware of Debris
The roofing contractors in Edmonton will check your property for debris after installing the new roof. They do this with a large magnet that picks up loose metal. However, it is possible for a few nails or screws to be left on the driveway. Nails may easily blend in with landscaping, shrubs and grass.

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