What to Bring on a Cruise Trip

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Travel

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Travelling on cruises may be fun and exciting experiences, yet they’re different from other kinds of travel. The nature of being on the sea for prolonged time periods may mean you do not necessarily always have accessibility to a shop if you have to pick something up you have forgotten. A lot of what you determine to bring on a cruise is going to be decided by where you are headed, yet in nearly every case, specific items are typically forgotten and other ones are overlooked.

Personal Items

Start with personal items. Item which often times miss the suitcase involve night-time items such as slippers, a robe and pajamas. Depending upon the season, you may require a sweater, jacket or gloves. Do not forget hats, bathing suits, and belt. If you like your hair dryer, you had better bring it; the one upon the ship probably will not be as powerful. At Great Escapes Travel, our experienced travel agents are ready to make your family’s vacation dreams a reality. We can help you plan your ideal trip!

Medical Kit

While choosing clothing for cruise trips, take some time to think about the ports of call you will be going to and imagine the activities. If it’ll be buggy at any of the ports, do not forget to toss DEET in with the toiletries. Pack a compact medical kit of antacid, adhesive bandages, and aspirin, as well. You may get those onboard, yet if you have to have them, you will appreciate having them on-hand. Ask about our European River Cruises!

Batteries and Chargers

If you need your laptop, PDA, or MP3 player, do not forget additional batteries and headphones. Remove all photos from the digital camera in order for the flash memory to be clear, and bring any additional memory cards and charger. Also, your smart phone and its charger must make the trip.


Keep in mind to pack all necessities. If you’re going out of the country, do not forget your identification card, passport, and your tickets and reservation. A book of phrases and maps also can be invaluable, too. Traveller’s checks are a lot safer than cash, yet small bills are great for tipping.


If you are allergic to medications or foods, be certain somebody with you knows about it, although dressing in a medical bracelet or necklace is safer. Do not forget medications, vitamins, or additional oral regimens and be certain you have enough of them to last all through your trip. Carry something inside your wallet listing the medicines you are consuming, if any, and refill any prescriptions ahead of time.

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