Benefits Of Using Address Validation Software

Have you been wondering if your mail is getting delivered? Have you received return-to-sender stamps on already sent items? Have sent items come back to you with no-known-person or no-known-address? If so, you may benefit from using address validation software. This product will be able to verify that the addresses you have on file are correct, but will also determine whether the information is valid, what type of addresses they are and more.


The USPS charges different amounts when you send mail to a residential household versus a commercial property, especially if you run a business, as well. Therefore, it could be costing you more money if you send information to a commercial property, thinking they are a residential one. Likewise, your mail may not be delivered to the recipient if you are paying residential prices and are sending to a commercial property.

No More Delays

It can be aggravating when your mail is delayed, especially if you’re sending time-sensitive documents. Customers will complain that they didn’t receive their coupons or perks in time to use them. They may also complain that their bill didn’t arrive on time, and they were late on their payment. You could end up losing customers or not getting new ones, so it’s best not to be delayed when sending mail because the addresses aren’t correct or aren’t validated.

No More Extra Fees

If you regularly send mail to undeliverable addresses, the USPS may start charging you extra service charges. They’re the ones that spend the extra time sorting the mail, getting it to the right mail carrier and then the mail carrier can’t deliver.

Less Fraud

Invalid addresses could be the site of fraudulent activities. You may be sending a coupon or credit to someone, thinking they will receive it. Then, however, they don’t receive it and are upset. However, someone else did get it and had used it without your permission or that of the intended recipient.

Potential Discounts

Sometimes, the USPS will provide companies who send a lot of mail some discounts, especially if they use address validation products that are approved and certified. You may not think it will amount to much, but over time, it could save you a lot of money. For one thing, your mail will be delivered on time, which could bring in more revenue, and you can save money by helping the USPS.

Address validation software can be used to fight fraudulent mailings, receive discounts and reduce costs. Visit Anchor Computer Software website to learn more.

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