What Processes do Carpet Cleaners Follow?

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Home Decor

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Carpets are prone to attracting dirt, grime and a host of other undesirable elements like pet hairs, food stains, mold and mildew. People who have pets or small children at home can also get urine and fecal matter contamination on their carpets. Regular vacuuming at home can remove much of the topical dirt and dust on the pile, but once in a while you should get professional help for cleaning your carpets. Carpet cleaners offer an array of techniques for your home or commercial enterprise. Carpet cleaning professionals can help in stubborn stain removal and offer anti allergen treatments to exterminate house mites and other parasites that might colonize the rugs and carpets in your home.

Vacuuming is a very effective way in removing loose dust and dirt from your rugs and carpets. Regular vacuuming removes up to 79% of the dirt. Slight stains can be removed using a diluted solution of vinegar. Turpentine, oxalic acid, naphtha have also been used in cleaning and removing stains. Some stains cannot be removed by domestic home treatments. The longer these stubborn stains are allowed to remain, the higher the possibility they become permanent. Artificial food colorants are very difficult to remove and are considered to be permanent. Professional cleaners with deep cleaning techniques, equipment and cleaning solutions are best called for when you are faced with permanent staining or heavily soiled carpeting.

Until the 1970s wet shampoo method was the prevalent method used among carpet cleaners. Initially coconut oil based soaps were used for shampooing. Since no rinse was performed after the shampoo, the pile would accumulate sticky residues. The coconut oil soaps were subsequently replaced by synthetic detergents. Steam and hot water extraction were later introduced for more penetrative cleaning. However, these early techniques seldom used biodegradable compounds and would use harsh, toxic chemicals to produce the desired effect. Some of the chemicals in use are known to be toxic for humans. Perc and naphtha are just some of the dangerous compounds that constitute cleaning solutions.

The wet methods have lately been substituted with dry-cleaning techniques and VLM methods (very low moisture) methods. Modern extraction techniques like encapsulation, bonnet method and dry extraction using absorbent powder are currently popular. An expensive but effective method for carpet cleaning is hot water extraction or steam cleaning that removes grease and ingrained dirt but it also uses chemicals for extraction. For steam cleaning to be successful, there is a need for expensive equipment and highly trained carpet cleaners. Jacksonville residents can find cleaning professionals in the area offering a modern services online.

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