Bowling Shoes for Kids Come in a Variety of Styles

by | Mar 29, 2012 | Shopping

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Bowling shoes for kids come in all sizes, colors and styles, and young boys and girls are sure to find something that is not only a comfortable fit on the lane but also makes a style statement. Older kids may be more conscious about taste, but whatever the case may be, shoes are available that meet the criteria for the lanes and provide either an athletic or stylish look.

Brunswick is a brand of bowling shoes for kids that a lot of boys are familiar with because they provide popular styles that look more like tennis shoes than they do the generic bowling shoes of the past. Many pins have fallen since those days, and a wide array of styles, both fashionable and athletic, are now available for both boys and girls.

Many shoes that are made for serious bowlers (including kids) consist of different materials for each foot, depending on whether the bowler is left or right-handed. One shoe is made of a non-resistant material, usually rubber, in order to provide stability, while the other shoe is made of softer material and allows the bowler to slide as he or she moves forward to release the ball. If a child is a serious recreational bowler, these shoes are something to consider.

Many kids’bowling shoes, however, are universal, meaning they have microfiber slide soles and can be worn regardless of whether a child is left or right-handed. These are usually preferable because they provide an excellent ability to grip the lane floor and control the slide, depending on what kind of release style is employed. This provides an excellent way for kids to learn the ropes and eventually develop a bowling style of their own.

When purchasing kids’bowling shoes, it’s also a good idea to include shoe protectors. Kids may be busier at the bowling alley and less sedentary than their socializing parents, so shoe protectors will prevent moisture from getting on the soles of the shoes and causing the young bowler to slip on the lane. They are a great way to protect your sporting investment and usually do not cost much. Shoe protectors slide onto the shoe and can slide off easily before the wearer returns to the lane floor.

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