What is pinguecula and how does it develop?

Pingueculae are tiny growths that appear on the covering of the white part of your eye. They are not known to affect vision and they are not cancerous. They do not affect vision because they do not grow on the cornea, just the white. They are slightly raised and they can appear either white or yellow and are usually spotted close to the corners of the eye. It is possible to have multiple pinguecula, especially as the person ages. Although they are usually associated with aged individuals, younger people who are exposed to the sun a lot are also at risk, it is for this reason that sunglasses in Minneapolis MN are recommended.

Tests indicate that exposure to the sun is one of the reasons why pinguecula occurs. There is a very strong link to the development of the spots and exposure to the sun in the Southern Hemisphere. People who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially those who work outdoors for hours on end are also at risk, it is thought that the best possible protection against pinguecula is a good pair of sunglasses.

The symptoms of pinguecula are little raised white or yellow spots near the corner of the eye. Depending on how high the spot is elevated, there may be eye irritation. One common complaint is dry-eye and the appearance of tiny but visible blood vessels near the actual spot.

Treatment is kept to wearing a good pair of sunglasses in Minneapolis MN and putting drops in the eye which help with the dry-eye issue. There are some who feel that the appearance of the spot has cosmetic consequences and they seek to have it removed. A skilled surgeon may be able to remove the pinguecula but invariably scarring is a result of the surgery. It may be important to consider that pinguecula has a tendency to grow back, thus surgery may not be a practical option.

Pingueculae are sometimes confused with pytergia. Pytergia is also an eye growth that may begin at the white of the eye but over time crosses over to the cornea. This is considerably more severe as it tends to block the light once it has grown over the cornea. This growth must be surgically removed, not for cosmetic purposes, but for practical purposes to preserve sight in the effected eye.

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