Seeing an Eye Doctor in Chicago is Best When Vision Needs Change

Most people do not realize how valuable their vision is until they start to have issues with it. This can occur for many people as they start to age and suddenly they find that things they could once see or read easily require more time and effort. When these types of conditions occur, it can be a good idea to visit an Eye Doctor in Chicago.

It is a good idea for people of all ages to have an eye exam at least once every two years. However, as a person ages they may find their vision changing a great deal and they may want to consider paying a visit to their eye doctor more often. This can allow the doctor time to evaluate the patient’s vision needs and alter any prescriptions they may have.

During a visit, an Eye Doctor in Chicago will first want to conduct a visual inspection of the patient’s eyes. Many conditions can be discovered during this type of exam. The doctor will then perform tests to check the way the eyes react to light, how the muscles move, color vision and depth perception. Generally, a reading chart will be used next to test the patient’s visual acuity or their ability to see.

Once these tests are conducted, an Eye Doctor in Chicago will then be able to know if the patient is in need of eyeglasses to help them with their vision issues. If the patient requires eyeglasses, the doctor will use a machine with various lenses to determine what type of prescription will be most effective in helping the patient to see and read more clearly.

After these steps are taken, the patient will then need to decide if they wish to use contacts or eyeglasses for their prescription lenses. Many people prefer contact lens because they are more convenient and do not interfere in the way that eyeglasses can when performing certain types of tasks. In most cases, an Eye Doctor in Chicago can help the patient in selecting the right type of contact lenses or eyeglasses for their needs as well. This can make it easy to have an eye exam and obtain the eyewear needed at the same location.