What Is God’s Judgment On America?

It is almost impossible to discuss God’s judgment on America with the vast majority of people in the United States today. This is true in communities of non-believers but it is also true in a great many of the churches of today. Even in these religious buildings where God is supposed to be understood, respected, honored and feared there is no sense of God’s judgment on America; only that God is a kind and loving God that will look for the good in everyone.

This is absolutely against what true believers know to be their Lord. The God of the Bible is active, is in everything and is a part of the history and future of the world in ways that we, as humans, cannot even comprehend. God has already seen the future, he knows and has prophesized what will happen and, even without close scrutiny, it is easy to see that these prophesies are coming true.

God and Mercy

When many Christians hear of God’s judgment on America they immediately respond that their God is a merciful God and that he will return American and its people to their place in his favor. However, while God is certainly merciful, that mercy is only bestowed upon those that are able to turn from evil.

Americans, to earn mercy and not face God’s judgment on America have to turn away from the moral weakness and the evil that is so much a part of our culture. It is everything we do from what we support and tolerate to how we fail to speak up in His name.

The End

What God’s judgment on America is not known by any man and is not specifically mentioned in the prophesies of the Old Testament. Does this mean that Americans do make the right decisions, turn against immorality and evil and return to biblical teachings as a way of living? Does it mean that this is enough to gain God’s mercy and that true peace and morality become a part of the American way of life?

The answer as to what is at the end of God’s judgment on America may not be clear at this date in time. It is clear that changes need to occur to save the country and bring back the biblical principles the country was founded on.

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