Soul Searching: What Can I Do to Help My Church?

Most of us spend a lot of time searching for the perfect churches for our families or to fit our personal needs. But do you ever stop to consider what you and your family can do for your church? The Catholic church is one of the biggest charities in the entire world, providing services to enrich and even save the lives of millions of people every day. What can you do to help further those missions? Read on to find out.

Volunteer Your Time in Your Local Church

For those who are members of a church, there are ample opportunities to volunteer your time. Whether you want to be part of an active ministry or something more passive, there is a role that every member of your family can play on meeting days and throughout the week. Offer to participate in childcare services to allow parents to attend mass or set up charity activities for church attendees who are struggling. Ask your priest or church committee what you can do to help.

Promote and Partner with Outside Ministries

Most churches offer services and outreach ministries that travel outside their grounds. If your church does this, offer your time to help with these outreach programs. If they don’t currently operate at this level, volunteer to help with starting these ministries. Don’t currently attend a church? There are undoubtedly many churches and religious organizations in your community that would welcome your volunteer services – just ask!

It’s easy to find a way to pitch in in your own community. MI churches are always looking for help from both congregation members and outside entities. If you or your company or family would like to partner with the Catholic church to help others around the world, consult your local church to find out how you can help.

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