What Does a Fitness Assessment in Lexington, MA Usually Involve?

A fitness assessment can be a valuable tool to help those interested in improving their physical health to track progress and understand their strengths and weaknesses. A Fitness Assessment in Lexington MA should form the starting point for developing a personalized exercise routine that is appropriate to an individual’s level of experience and personal abilities. Assessments can identify risks and limitations due to health conditions or past injuries, assess current levels of physical ability, identify goals, and create personal relationships and expectations for both athletes and their trainers. But, what exactly do they entail?

There are a variety of tests at the disposal of personal trainers. Before performing them, however, an extensive review of the person’s medical history should be performed. Vital signs should be taken and any potential limitations should be evaluated. After an initial assessment is performed, body composition tests often follow. These can be performed in a number of ways. Body Mass Index is often evaluated and body fat analyzed. Tests such as hydrostatic, or underwater, weighing, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and skin fold measurements can be helpful.

Cardiovascular endurance testing is a more involved process. It is most typically performed using a treadmill test where the athlete either runs or walks on a treadmill while their vital signs and physical responses are measured by a professional.

Similar to cardiovascular endurance tests, muscle strength and endurance testing can establish a baseline from which an individual athlete can begin to progress. They can also help to identify areas that need improvement, usually due to either specific muscle weakness or to imbalances between muscle groups. Flexibility testing can also be used to help evaluate muscle weaknesses whether they are due to injuries, preexisting conditions, or a previous lack of adequate exercise. The most common tests are sat and reach flexibility tests in which different muscle groups are evaluated one at a time.

The first step toward better physical fitness is a Fitness Assessment in Lexington MA. Women interested in improving their health should look for trainers, such as those employed by The Fitter Female, that understand their unique needs and will work to provide a personalized fitness plan to address them.

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