Make Social Occasions Enjoyable Again With the Hearing Aid Center in Norwich, CT

In the 1800s a severe hearing loss generally meant the use of an ear trumpet. These enormous devices here held to the ear in an attempt to magnify what the individual could not hear alone. They were crafted of metal, animal horns or seashells and were impossible to hide and cumbersome to use. Thankfully, hearing loss no longer dooms people to carrying a conch shell with them to the grocery store.

The Hearing Aid Center in Norwich CT offers the most innovative hearing devices available today. There are some that are custom made to fit in the ear canal and are completely invisible to others. There are many others that tuck partially into the ear canal, and that sit on the back of the ear. Every individual will have the ability to choose the model that provides them with the assistance they need and the comfort they want. There are even models that link directly to Bluetooth. Many people hesitate to visit a location like County Hearing & Balance because they believe their hearing loss is not substantial enough to need a hearing device. There are several signs people should use to determine if they should consider a hearing test.

  • Phone conversations and conversations in public places where there is a lot of background noise are difficult to follow.
  • Family members complain about the loud volume of the TV or radio.
  • It seems like everyone is mumbling at home, at work, and in public.
  • Words and phrases others speak are consistently misheard.
  • Going to the movies or out to parties seems more like work than pleasure because of the difficulty of hearing what is being said.

A quick and painless hearing test and visual examination of the ear canals will determine what may be causing the problem. In some instances, the problem is nothing more than a buildup of ear wax or fluid. Some issues are caused by underlying health concerns that require medical treatment. If the hearing problems are correctable with a device, the next step will be to choose the best model. The Hearing Aid Center in Norwich CT leads each patient through the process of selecting the best model for them and provides the assistance they may need to adjust to using the device and keeping it properly maintained.

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