What Does a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Gonzales, LA Handle?

In Louisiana, lawsuits are filed to help claimants seek compensation. Commercial litigation includes legal claims against businesses. Class action lawsuits, breach of contract, partnership disputes, and difficulties for shareholders are lawsuits filed pretty often. Hiring a commercial litigation attorney in Gonzales, LA helps companies facing financial losses because of a lawsuit.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits involve multiple victims who were wronged by the defendant. For example, patients who sustained injuries from a medical device usually file a lawsuit to pay for surgical correction. These claims also provide the patients with financial awards. The money received from the class action lawsuit is split between the victims.

Breach of Contract

Attorneys help clients file claims for breach of contract, too. These indicate that the defendant failed to fulfill all obligations outlined in a contract. The terms of the contract define the responsibilities of the business and repercussions for not completing all services. The outcome of the cases may include a refund for services that weren’t performed.

Settling Disputes Among Partners

Any disputes that arise among business partners are settled through mediation or legal claims. Frequent issues are related to investment capital or the terms of mergers between two companies. Attorneys negotiate with the partners during mediation strategies. New terms may also settle the dispute. However, if the disputes go to the court, monetary awards are possible, and the defendant could incur a financial loss.

Correcting Issues with Shareholders

Shareholders receive dividends from stocks they purchase. Common problems emerge when shareholders don’t receive their dividends. They also have voting rights and elect a new board of directors. Any violation of the shareholder’s rights is managed through mediation typically. However, the shareholders have the right to file a lawsuit.

In Louisiana, lawsuits are filed against companies after negligent actions occur. The legal claims generate financial losses for the companies and monetary awards for claimants. Attorneys who specialize in commercial litigation represent both companies and clients, and they also manage mediation and arbitration as needed. Claimants who want to discuss a case with a commercial litigation attorney in Gonzales, LA should set up a consultation right now.

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