Outdoor Fence Lighting

Homeowners take pride in their home and their yard. Outdoor lighting can transform the curb appeal of a home. But what about the perimeter of your home along the fence? Should that be lit?

Outdoor lighting is often an over-looked security measure that many homeowners can take advantage of. Well placed outdoor fence lighting can be a deterrent to possible animal or human intruders.

Outdoor fence lighting provides a function and, depending on the size of your property, can also provide ambiance. Most homeowners install fence lighting as an added security measure.

Animal Invaders

Many homeowners have a problem with wildlife nearby their home. While many animals will move on, nuisance wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, and skunks can do damage to your property. Outdoor lighting can be an effective solution for keeping unwanted wildlife at bay.

Well-lit fences are unappealing to wildlife. Most animals are fearful, so the slightest noise or change can spook them. Keep in mind that many animals such as mice, rabbits, and squirrels are not affected by lights. A lit fence will generally keep out raccoons and opossums because they try to avoid lit areas.

Human Intruders

The main reason for outdoor fence lighting is to keep out any possible intruders. A well-lit fence allows homeowners to see their fence-line and watch for possible intruders.


Outdoor fence lighting also provides a safety measure so guests will know the boundaries of your property. If they decide to take a midnight stroll, you can rest assured that your guest will not bump into a well-lit fence.

Outdoor fence lighting can be added any time of the year. It is important for homeowners to provide enough light to create the right mood and be visible without blinding your guests or neighbors. With the right lighting choice, the lights can blend in with the landscaping.

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