What Does a Building Surveyor Look For?

When you hire a building surveyor in Bristol, they will carry out quite an extensive inspection of the property. They look for any potential problems in the structure of the building. There are a number of reasons why this is important. Firstly it can save you money if you’re thinking of buying a house. There could be problems with the roof for example, that would cost thousands of pounds to fix. You can knock this off the sale price of the house.

Secondly it’s a good safety measure. There could be serious problems with the structure of the property which makes it unsafe to live in. This is rare but it’s still worth taking into account when deciding whether or not to hire a surveyor.

Things the surveyor will look at

When carrying out a buildings inspection, the surveyor will look closely at the following:

1. Insulation and damp proofing
2. Windows and doors
3. Walls
4. Roof
5. Timbers
6. Floors

It’s the most detailed type of survey you can invest in. Not only will it identify potential problems, but it will also detail how much it’s likely to cost to get repaired. This is a vital piece of information as a potential buyer can use it to negotiate a lower price. The fact that it includes potential costs of repairs means the surveyor needs to be local. If you choose a building surveyor in Bristol, they’ll know the costs of the houses as well as local repair costs.

Dampness is one of the main things that are investigated. If the walls suffer from damp there’s a high chance the home will develop a mould problem. This is not only potentially costly to get rid of, but it’s also bad for your health. Dampness can also cause serious structural damage as it weakens the brickwork.

The completed report will advise of all minor and major problems and the potential implications they can have on the property. Whether you’re choosing a new home or finding a suitable workplace, a buildings survey can be an essential tool to help you save money and choose the right property.

All in all, you’ll be spoilt for choice when trying to choose a building Surveyor in Bristol. Just make sure that you choose a reliable, trustworthy company.

Robert White Associates is a leading surveying company in the UK. Set up in 1991 by building surveyor, Bristol resident Robert White, the company offers full detailed building inspections.