Is the Open Road Calling You, if so Come Find Your New or Used RV in San Antonio, TX

The open road is calling to you. Retirement is around the corner, and your nest is empty. The kids have scattered to the four corners of the United States and your feet are getting restless. What to do? You could drive your car and couch surf with friends and family for awhile, but you know the saying “old fish and company are a lot alike, after a few days they start to stink”. Don’t be a fish.

By purchasing an RV in San Antonio, TX you can carry home with you where ever you go. No lumpy pillows – unless they belong to you, no uncomfortable beds and strange smells. You can sleep in your own bed each night, eat cookies and drink milk at 4:00 AM and not disturb anyone. If you are traveling from one destination to the next and decide you are hungry, you can pull over, cook a full meal, or heat something in the microwave. Home sweet home, on wheels.

Many retirees once unfettered from their jobs and responsibilities want to go on a long vacation – one that might last years. They put their house on the market, and tell the kids to come get their stuff. It is the ultimate “downsize” to buy a motor-home, and carry everything with you where ever you go. The hippies that missed back-packing across America, now have had knee replacements, and arthritis. Wanderlust still runs through their veins, but sleeping on the ground doesn’t seem as romantic. The hippies may have grown older and still have wanderlust, but they travel much more comfortably and smarter now days.

If you are looking for a new or used motor-home you should stop by the South Texas Fun Center. They have a large inventory of new and used motor-homes. If you have never been camping, it might be wise to start out with something smaller and maybe even used, take some short trips, make sure it’s really wanderlust you are feeling. It might take a few trips to work out a system of packing and unpacking the motor-home if you use it for quick vacations but excitement will bubble up inside each time you get ready for the next time you “hit the open road”. Come on down, you will find your RV in San Antonio, TX.