What Do You Need to Know About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Dayton OH?

When you have more debts than you can afford to pay, it can feel like you are drowning in debt. The phone calls and letter threats can cause you to feel overwhelmed and like there is no hope. If you have done all you can to pay down your debt but are getting nowhere, you may want to consider filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Dayton OH. Through a lawyer, you can learn about your options for bankruptcy and make an informed decision on whether or not this type will help your needs.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest option for individuals, but it is not for everyone. In this type, all of your assets will be auctioned off so your debts can be paid down. You are allowed to keep your residential home, car, furniture and clothing. Any other assets will be sold through the help of a trustee that is court-appointed to oversee the auction process.

The trustee works to get as much money as possible for your creditors. He or she also has the power to absolve you of some of the debts you owe or a portion of each debt. This type of bankruptcy is typically accomplished in six months or less.

The period of time will depend on the amount of debt you owe and the amount of assets you have available to be auctioned. Once your bankruptcy is finalized, you will owe no further debt and can be financially free. This will allow you to get a fresh start on your financial future.

Most Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Dayton OH cases require you undergo financial counseling. This can help you to understand how to avoid poor financial decisions so you can hopefully avoid being in over your head with debt in the future.

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