Visit Your Dentist In Haleiwa For Virtually Pain-Free Dentistry

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Dental

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What prevents many people from going to the dentist? Fear of dental procedures and fear of pain – otherwise known as dental phobia. Those who decide such things have even given different names to the degree of fear someone might have. Dental anxiety refers to those who are a little uncomfortable about going, but manage to keep the appointment. Dental fear is the description of people who are scared at the idea of going to the dentist; they might go in an emergency. The last classification is dental phobia. People in this group are absolutely terrified at even the idea of having dental work done. Getting any of these people into a dentist’s chair will be a real challenge.

Many of these people, with any degree of dental phobia, had a previous bad experience with dental work. It may have been something that happened to them as a child that they never really forgot or got over. Others are afraid of pain received from a cold, uncaring dentist. Those who have endured a painful dental procedure may think that all future treatments would be like that. In extreme cases, the phobia is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Experts say that finding the right dentist is key to helping many people overcome dental phobia. The Dentist in Haleiwa must be willing to interact with the patient and establish a rapport with him or her. The patient needs to be able to discuss their fear so that the dentist understands it and can learn how he can help to overcome that fear. The dentist will become a partner, explaining the treatment slowly and thoroughly, giving the patient time to adapt. It’s also important that staff members in the office work to provide a calm, supportive atmosphere.

Howard Carrico III, DDS is a Dentist in Haleiwa who prides himself on providing ‘virtually pain-free dentistry’. He understands that many people are fearful and apprehensive about receiving dental care. His approach is to first listen to whatever concerns a patient may have. Dr. Carrico has several options for providing virtually pain-free dentistry and will discuss these options with the patient. Based upon the patient’s dental needs, the patient and Cr. Carrico will work together to lay out a personal treatment plan. Anyone in the Haleiwa, HI region who has been postponing needed care because of fear, should call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Carrico.

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