What Are The Required Coverage Levels For A Recreational Vehicle

The state of Florida enforces strict automobile insurance requirements. This includes all recreational vehicles as well as motorcycles. According to this law, all owners are required to possess at least personal injury protection insurance on the Recreational Vehicle.

What are the Required Coverage Levels?

Currently, the state of Florida requires coverage to equate to $10,000 for each injury in an accident and $10,000 for property damage. Florida is a no-fault state, which implies that all drivers or vehicle owners are required to fulfill their financial responsibility by maintaining this coverage.

What to Expect?

The policy covers up to 80 percent of medical costs and repairs. When you are injured and unable to return to work after an accident, the coverage provides up to sixty percent of the wages you lost during this time. If a fatality occurs, the insurance coverage pays $5,000 for death benefits.

How Does the Coverage Work?

With a no-fault system, each driver involved in an accident is required to submit a claim with their own insurance carrier. Their policy pays based on the coverage levels that they acquired. However, any driver who sustains injuries that cause a permanent injury or disfigurement could seek damages, from the driver who was at fault. In most cases, they have a statute of limitations of two years to file a formal claim in court.

The Potential for Hurricanes

If you live in or store your Recreational Vehicle in an area that has a high probability of hurricanes, you may need additional coverage. These locations increase the risk of property damage. Additionally, if your recreational vehicle is financed through a consumer loan, you are required to maintain comprehensive insurance to cover liabilities.

Vehicle owners should inquire about all forms of recreational vehicle coverage to ensure that they are protected fully. In most instances, they could acquire this coverage as an extension of the automobile coverage through an umbrella policy. This could reduce the premiums they pay each month. However, the premiums and discounts you acquire are based on your driving history. If you need more information about coverage, you should contact your preferred carrier today.

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