Adapting to Unique Burial Customs: Just an Everyday Thing in the Funeral Business

The bulk of clients who arrange funerals in the U.S. request traditional ceremonies and burials or cremations. However, a fair number of them have unusual funeral and Burial Customs, so experts such as Leppert Mortuary become very adept at designing unique arrangements.

Timing Can Be Everything

Funeral professionals are generally called on to embalm bodies and prepare them for no more than 2 or 3-day viewings. However, occasionally important people have to be readied for public viewings that can last much longer. In contrast, clients may also ask for direct cremation within hours of death. Professionals also become very familiar with religious beliefs that require bodies to be buried within 24 hours of death.

Funeral Styles Are as Unique As Clients

The average mortuary sells a wide variety of caskets and vaults. These range from basic, inexpensive boxes to extremely ornate caskets and professionals will order any type that customers want. However, clients can also provide containers of their own choice, as long as they meet requirements. As a result, funeral directors have buried bodies in coffins shaped like cars, guitars, pianos, and dozens of other things. They also accommodate services that range from chanting to New Orleans musicians and horse-drawn carriages. They can design Buddhist, Hindu, and custom services. Some arrangements, such as Chinese funerals, can involve paid mourners because their culture values large attendance.

Professionals Can Go Green

In recent years many people have become interested in “green” funerals and professionals have learned to accommodate them. Their clients often request that un-embalmed bodies be wrapped in shrouds and buried in natural settings. The practice frees up land for other uses and eliminates the problem of embalming fluids seeping into the ground. Funeral directors also offer Eco-friendly cremation plans. They may include earth-friendly willow branch baskets, biodegradable urns, memorial services, and plant-able seed packets and programs. They also offer online guest-books that do not consume natural resources.

Funeral professionals can adapt to almost any client request. They routinely create custom funerals that can range from long and ornate to just a few hours. In addition, these experts will design services, burials, and cremations to suit any personal or religious preferences. You can also visit them on Twitter.

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