What Are The Different Styles Of Curtains And Drapes Used Today?

Your dream home is the place you want to be most at the close of a tiring day. This is because you have invested a great deal of time and energy in creating the ambiance of your taste in your home. Evidently,  your home is the most relaxingly secure place for you in the whole world. So have you done enough in improving the ambiance of your home? Did you know that with different styles in drapery, you could bring a ready new feel to the rooms of your home?


This is the best part of using curtains and drapes as window coverings in your rooms. Using these different styles in drapery you can actually change the look of your living room or bedroom, every season. Are you familiar with the different styles that are in use today? Here is a brief look at the most common styles used by interior designers all over America.


Casement Curtains


These are the oldest form of drapes that has been used from ancient times. Today, such styles are used inly in decorative drapery where in the curtain is not required to be moved or opened or closed from time to time. Essentially a decorative style, this design of curtains has a rod pocket on the top of the curtain body which is required to be threaded into the curtain pole or rod. Since this design does not allow movement of the fabric, the curtain is usually left in place. Whenever the fabric is required to be moved, then the curtain is usually tied back to the window to allow passage of air and light.


French Pleat Curtains


The infamous French pleats have been used in curtains and drapes for long. They impart a formal appearance to your rooms and do not fail in bringing the exquisite touch of traditional heavy drapery found in historic buildings. With the right choice of shades you can actually create a sombre ambiance in your rooms. Heavy fabrics and velvets are used maximum number of times in this traditional curtain system that usually has three pleats the fabric held together by a thread or string. The collection of such repetitive pleats create a heavy look in the curtain.


Tab Top Curtains


This is the simplest drapery style that is functionally, the most easy-to-use and handle. They are used in the most functional areas of the house like the kitchen and dining areas, and allow easy entry of air and light.


Thus, you can select from and use different types of curtains and Los Angeles residents need to innovate and match different colors and styles according to the present color of the rooms they are going to the curtains in. This way they can create different accents in their rooms.

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