Do you look back fondly on the roll up window shades you probably had in your bedroom as a kid? Fortunately, however, those exact kinds of shades are probably hard to find these days. If you remember correctly (and not through rose-colored glasses), then you’ll recall that rolling them up and down was probably more of an issue than not. Poorly constructed, they didn’t roll tightly up at the top and when unfurled, it probably was always lopsided.

Roller shades have come a long way, and vinyl roller shades are the contemporary solution to that classic shade. With an updated simplicity, vinyl roller shades are widely available with fashion fabrics, streamlined roller mechanisms, new hems and custom accents. And today’s vinyl roller shades have the added advantage of not collecting dust, which can be a huge advantage for allergy sufferers and neat freaks in general. After all, why add wood blinds to your already-too long list of things to clean?

Add a street side lining to a vinyl shade and make sure that the sun and prying eyes stay outside where they belong, all the while maintaining a contemporary, clean, yet classic look to whatever room you choose to hang them in. Whether it’s a big bay or picture window or a small bedroom or bathroom window, you can’t go wrong with a modern update on a classic look. You’ll get the same memory of your childhood bedroom with a much better made product guaranteed to last a good, long time.