What are digital audio switchers?

Digital audio switchers are commonly referred to as HDMI® switches. These devices will allow the user to select from a host of entertainment devices that can be displayed. Some of the devices that can be connected to digital audio switchers are DVD players and recorders, game consoles, high def TV and set-top boxes. In all cases the input devices must be HDMI® compatible.

There are many different configurations of switches, the most simple and straightforward being double input and single output. This switch will allow the device owner to switch between two input sources. The owner may for example have a high def DVD player and a game consul both hooked up at the switch. Rarely do people limit themselves to a two in, one out switch as there is no possibility of adding to the system in the future. Rather than a 2×1 switch, most people opt for a 4×1 switch will allows for four different inputs. External digital audio switchers are highly recommended for those who have a high definition monitor and less than the number of input ports to allow for system expansion and use.

The key to purchasing digital audio switchers is the potential for expansion. Although the selection of possible arrangements can go as high as eight outputs, most consumers find that a five output switch is ideal. Although two output switches are available, they are not popular as the possibility of system expansion is nonexistent. When purchasing a switch, expansion potential is important but it is equally important that the switch has HDCP capability.

There have been devices in the past that have been used to hook more than one device to a common monitor. When buying modern switches, look for one which is backward comparable, by that it means that the HDMI® switch can take the place of an old DVI, digital video interface. The switch should be complete with a remote control so the user can quickly select the input device he or she wishes to use. As some switches are powered from the HDMI® cable it is necessary to have a dedicated power adapter.

With the ever advancing technology in high definition TVs it is hard to say whether digital audio switchers will become obsolete as the newer TVs are complete with the input ports.

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