Protect Your Home From Sewer Damage With Help From A Septic Tank Service In Des Moines, Iowa

The septic system at your home or business is basically a small sewage processing plant. As such it is an extremely simple and efficient design. The primary tank is connected to the home or business where it catches any solid waste that enters the sewage. As the tank fills, those solids will settle on the bottom and the liquid effluent will rise. As the liquid reaches the drain lines, also known as field lines, the water is leeched out into the soil so it can be reclaimed into the local water table. The soil works as a natural filter system and the local moisture helps wash out any heavy particulates.

As the solids settle in the tank an aerobic action takes place that consumes part of that waste. This consumption of waste matter is what allows the tank to handle two or more years worth of sewage before requiring Septic Tank Service in Des Moines, Iowa. Simple septic service is usually pumping the sludge out of the tank through an access vent.

However, more involved Septic Tank Service in Des Moines, Iowa could include locating the access vent, the septic tank lid or otherwise acquiring access to the septic tank. In some instances the tank or plumbing may leak, seeping small amounts of sewage into the soil. This is like liquid food to the surrounding plants, but it can quickly cause the tank to become overgrown and difficult to reach. Sometimes in circumstances such as these the service company or a plumber may have to use a video system to locate an access point.

No matter how long you’ve had your septic system it’s a good idea to begin a regular schedule of Septic Pumping in Des Moines, Iowa. Companies like Thomas Brothers Septic Tank Services often provide other conveniences to their regular customers such as a pump reminder. By keeping your tank cleaned and well serviced you reduce the chance of a sewage overflow ruining you beautiful home. In some ways having your septic tank cleaned is like purchasing insurance. With a septic tank service you pay a simple fee to ensure the tank won’t back up into the house.

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