What Are Dental Veneers?

A dental veneer is an ultra thin slice of porcelain which is fitted to the front of teeth, normally the teeth that are exposed when the individual smiles. Veneers in Charleston, WV are considered as a permanent solution to teeth which are chipped, cracked, stained, misaligned or uneven. Normally the entire procedure is wrapped up in two appointments at the dentist’s office.

Once the decision has been made to have veneers in Charleston, WV you will have to make a decision on the color. Although you may want teeth as white as new driven snow, the dentist is the best judge of color as he will make the choice based on the color of the teeth that are not being treated as well as your complexion. You can be assured though that the dentist’s experience will come into play and you will be extremely happy with the results. In some cases the dentist will want you to actually visit the dental lab where the veneers are being produced, the technician may feel that custom shade is warranted.

To prepare for the veneers a small amount is ground off the front of the affected teeth, this allows for the thickness of the sliver of porcelain that will be fused to the teeth. In some patients there may be a need for a local anesthetic but if the teeth have been root canalled or require the minimum in preparation there usually is no need for anesthetic. Once the teeth have been ground to the correct profile, the dentist takes an impression which is turned into a stone model of your teeth and gums. It is from this model that the veneers are made. At the same time the dentist will take an impression of the way your teeth mesh when your mouth is closed, all of this is needed to make veneers that fit perfectly.

Until the finished veneers are available, the dentist will make temporary veneers from acrylic; this will be suitable until the real veneers are completed. After a week or so the permanent veneers will be ready for fitting.

The temporary veneers are removed; the teeth are cleaned and treated with an etching material. The teeth are now ready for the veneers in Charleston, WV to be fixed with dental adhesive. If any small touch-up needs to be done, it will be done now.

If your teeth are cracked, chipped or stained then veneers may be for you.

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