What Are Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ and Why Buy Them?

Have you recently chipped a tooth and wonder what can be done to fix it? Maybe you have noticed your teeth yellowing, but whiteners do not fix the problem. Do you have a gap in your teeth, and would like to do something about it? Consider Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ.

A dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain permanently bonded to your teeth that strengthens and straightens them, and gives you a beautifully white smile. Your teeth will look natural, but be stain resistant. Chipped or broken teeth can be repaired with porcelain crowns that match the veneers. Often, the dentist can show you via cosmetic imaging how your new teeth will look. In order to make your veneers fit your teeth, a very small amount of enamel must be removed first. This will also help the bonding material adhere better between the original teeth and the veneer. The bonding agent is a light sensitive resin that hardens under a special curing light. Minimal prep veneers are another choice that require less enamel removal and can be done more quickly with less discomfort. In either case, the veneer is a permanent treatment.

It will take some time to build your Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ so be prepared to wait at least a week once you and your dentist have agreed on the procedure. Once your veneers have been applied, expect a follow up visit to evaluate how your new veneers are working in your mouth. Taking care of Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ is not much different than caring for natural teeth. Routine brushing with a non-abrasive toothpaste and flossing as well as avoiding undue stress on your veneers such as nail biting or opening bottles with your teeth will keep them in great shape. If you are experiencing night grinding, ask your dentist about a mouth guard to protect your teeth while you sleep. Then, maintain regular check ups as you would your natural teeth to keep them looking like new!

Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ are a great way to get a natural, healthy looking smile. Talk to your dentist about dental veneers and how the procedure works. You will never be self conscious about smiling again!

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