Benefits of Lawn Aeration in Spokane

A lawn not only improves the aesthetic value of your home but also increases its market value. A lawn should be maintained on a regular basis for it to remain healthy and desirable. One of the common maintenance tasks involves aerating the lawn, especially when the grass starts losing its green color. This process involves punching holes in the lawn to facilitate incorporation of air into the soils. If you find that plants in your lawn are withering, drying or have a slow growth, you need to do Lawn Aeration in Spokane to rekindle their growth. The following are the major benefits of aerating your lawn.

It improves the flow of air

There is increased flow of oxygen that is an essential component for plants to grow. The grass can breathe easily thus, it becomes healthier because even the intake of nutrients and water will be more accomplishable.

Minimize wastage of water

A lawn that is not well aerated wastes a lot of water. This is because the water is not easily absorbed due to the compactness of the surface soil. Water tends to run off because the rate of absorption is very slow, and you need to use more water for it to reach the roots. On the other hand, aerated lawns require that you sprinkle less water as it is easily and quickly absorbed into the soil.

Helps clear thatch

When thatch builds up on the lawn, it hinders the proper flow of air and water into the soil. Though thatch can breakdown down naturally, it might take long for it to disintegrate completely. This delay may lower the health of your lawn or even cause death of most plants. When thatch is too thick, it may harbor diseases and insects which may spread to useful plants. Aeration involves removing thatch ensuring that your lawn remains clean and healthier.

Reduces compaction of soil

Compacted soil is not good for growth of plants in your lawn. This is because it cannot absorb enough water or air to sustain plant growth. Aeration helps to break the compacted soil and improved the flow of air and water into the soil thus enhancing growth of plants.
You should avoid using any herbicides on your lawn before aerating since the chemicals may infiltrate into the soil and damage some plant roots or increase its acidity. For more information on Lawn Aeration in Spokane, visit


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