Wedding Lights – an Essential Part of an Outdoor Wedding Décor

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Shopping

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It really doesn’t matter whether you are planning to have an elaborate and very formal wedding or a casual outdoor event; wedding lights can help create the perfect environment for your special day. Once you plan the wedding venue, you need to start looking for lighting as soon as possible to make sure you get the right lights and so that you can experiment with the lighting arrangements until they look absolutely perfect.

Outdoor weddings are becoming quite popular especially in Spring, Summer, and early Fall, when the outdoor temperatures are comfortable and the guests can enjoy being outside for the event. The right outdoor wedding lights can help make your wedding spectacular and quite a feast for the eyes. Some lighting ideas you may want to consider for outdoor lighting at weddings include solar tree lights, solar garden stakes or solar string lights.

The time of day you plan to have your outdoor wedding is key to the effect lighting will have on the event. If you want wedding lights to play a major role in the wedding décor, then you want to schedule your wedding during the early evening hours, when the outdoor lighting can best be seen and enjoyed by guests.

Solar string lights can be very beautiful and add an elegant effect by lighting up bushes or trees. You can go very soft with the lighting effects or for a more dramatic effect; you can match these colors to the wedding colors. These lights also work very well to light up pillars, fences, doorways and window frames.

If you plan on using solar tree lights for your outdoor wedding, you can make them a centerpiece of the décor if you wish. You can hang snowballs, starbursts or snowflakes from trees in various colors and designs. You could even place one of these centerpieces directly over where the bride and groom will exchange their vows for an enchanting decorating touch.

There are also a number of other solar wedding lights that can add just the perfect touch to an outdoor wedding décor including solar lanterns, floating lights, in-ground lights, decking tiles and wreaths. The only limit is your own designer creativeness.

These lights all come with rechargeable batteries and are easy to install and disassemble. Take some of the stress out of wedding decorating planning by using outdoor wedding lights. They add elegance and beauty to any outdoor wedding. Wedding lights can be easily and conveniently ordered online. You will save money by ordering these lights online rather than in a home supply or wedding specialty brick-and-mortar store.

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