Using Solar Halloween Lights to Spice Things Up

Halloween went through a period of decline after the dangers of disturbed neighbors began making headlines, but it has been refurbished in recent years to become more of an adult holiday, as well as to appeal to kids in a way that embodies the involvement of the whole family. Where kids in previous decades might have been sent out on their own, whole families get into the festivities now more than they ever did in past years.

One of the ways to spice up the haunted holiday this year is to use solar Halloween lights in order to attract attention to your house and entertain your night-time visitors. With a variety of different kinds of lighting available, it is becoming more popular throughout North America and the world to go festive with lawn decorations in celebration of the harvest holiday. Unlike your experiences with Christmas lighting, however, solar Halloween lights are not reliant upon extension cords and wall outlets to power them, a truly earth-friendly and oddly pagan way of energizing these luminescent fixtures.

Solar Halloween lights rely upon energy derived from the sun to charge the batteries during the day so that they shine brightly at night. With a sensor included, the lights can soak up the sun during the day (for at least six hours), and once the sun goes down have the stored energy to light up the night. Many lights are combined with the solar panel while others are connected to a panel that must be situated nearby.

One of the benefits of solar Halloween lights is that because they are energized by the sun rather than the voltage of a power outlet, the lights are often not quite as bright as other kind of lighting. This sets a perfect eerie ambiance for trick-or-treaters who come to the door on Halloween night. Combined with the right kind of ghoulish décor, lights of various colors, shapes and sizes can make your house all the more spookier for the little zombies hustling to your door for an expenditure of candy.

Another factor that makes these lights attractive is that they can be used anywhere without worrying about having enough extension cord to reach them. Solar Halloween lights can climb a tree remote from the house, twine a mailbox, light a path to the door, or even be used to illuminate the interior of an artificial carvable pumpkin. The numerous possibilities for making use of solar Halloween lights increase once it is understood that they do not have to be connected to an electrical outlet.

Affordable and easy to use, solar Halloween lights are available from many outlets and stores, and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs – such as lights shaped like small pumpkins or ghosts or other creatures that befit the spirit of the ensuing festivities