Various Methods of Plumbing

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Construction and Maintenance

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All of us face plumbing issues from time to time. In order to completely solve any plumbing issue that might occur in your house or nearby, you need to have a general idea of the different methods employed in plumbing. Here is a brief preview of the different types of plumbing methods and equipments used therein.

Video Camera Inspection

In line video camera inspection of sewer and drainage pipelines is mostly taken up to get a complete picture of the condition inside the pipelines. In cases where the blockages are physically inaccessible and located in a complicated turn of the pipeline, this unique system comes to the aid of a plumber. This also happens when the exact location of the blockage is unknown to the experts. Video inspection helps determine the exact location and size of the blockage.

The equipment used in this system consists of a cable set along the walls of the pipeline. The camera is lodged on a tractor that has wheels to help navigate along the cable and is equipped with LED lamps for better visibility.

Electrical Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning involves electrically controlled probing of all pipelines in the system. The cables can also be powered with tiny video cameras that give a clear picture of the inside scoop of the drainage pipelines that run from the house into the main sewer line.


This method involves the use of high pressure water flow to blast out the blockages or developments in a pipeline. Sewer and drainage pipelines are prone to develop obstructions to the water flow if the system is not subjected to cleaning from time to time. Hydrojetting has proved to be of immense importance in case of blockages that are physically inaccessible.

Years of scale, grease, sand and silt build up in the pipelines can give rise to huge blockages. Any blockage increases the internal pressure experienced by walls of the pipeline and this can have serious consequences like rupture of the pipelines. Hydrojetting involves a hose controlled by a pressure controlling pump and is operated by a plumber.

Urban houses face many situations of household and community pipeline blockages. Solving some of these problems could involve complex processes like hydrojettiing and video inspection and is taken up by experts in plumbing. Encino residents need to keep the fact in mind that complex plumbing issues could arise from negligence of regular check up of the various pipelines. Therefore, do not delay in doing the needful for your house.




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