There are a lot of mistakes you can make when decorating your house. A light fabric on a sofa in a home with young children. A delicate carpet in a high traffic area. A small refrigerator for big eaters. And window treatments that won’t stand the test of time.

When shopping for window treatments, unless you’re someone with unlimited disposable income, or your last name is Trump, it’s best to shop for something that you can and would like to live with for years. Which is why you can never go wrong with white curtains White curtains are timeless, and whether your taste is more traditional and classic, or something more sleek, modern and contemporary is a closer description to your style, white curtains can easily fit the bill.

Don’t make your window treatments fight with whatever else is going on in your room and your home. Since most window treatments can hang with you for the duration, but most other furniture and décor probably won’t, ensure that a nice, neutral color like white is how you choose to invest in your windows.

You’ll be happy when you swap out the worn carpet, refresh the haggard coat of paint or replace the fading wallpaper that you won’t need to change what’s on your windows because the window treatments work with everything. There are times when it’s fun and appropriate to take risks, and there are times when it just makes sense to be sensible. Window treatments definitely fall into the latter.

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