Using A Business Strategy Game For Your Next Training

One of the most difficult tasks for a manager, business owners, or a human resource professional to do is to find ways to engage employees of all levels during a professional development event. Using a business strategy game where you can pre-select groups or teams can be very insightful and helpful beyond just getting everyone involved.

The Game Incentive

Most adults, just like most children, learn best by doing. This doesn’t have to mean by doing something in real time and in the real world; it can also be through doing simulations, games and through talking through issues with peers.

In addition, most people find that a bit of healthy competition also motivates them to be more engaged in the learning process. The use of a business strategy game at your next professional development or training can accomplish both of these goals.

By giving staff a game that is going to encourage them to think creatively, problem solve and see a big picture for strategy you are creating the perfect environment for leaning by experience, even if the experience is just on a game.

Having Fun and Interacting

When people from different departments, different offices and even different levels within the company work together in a business strategy game they learn more about each other. Connections are made and greater understanding is developed.

This, in turn, leads to greater collaboration out in the real working world. People will have different team members that they worked with in the game that they can now call on for help with resolving a problem or solving an issue. This, in turn, enhances your overall culture in the workplace, becoming more collaborative and supportive while also more efficient and effective.

A business strategy game is also a nice break from what you employees are expecting. They can have fun, talk and interact while they are also learning incredible information that will help in their daily activities.

As a manager you can also gain insight in watching people participate in a business strategy game. Natural leaders will emerge and the possibility of developing teams by watching the interactions only adds to the value of this type of unique professional development opportunity.

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