Are Luwak Coffee Beans As Good as They Say?

Gourmet foods aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. And, when they’re billed as “rare,” it’s generally a good excuse for retailers to charge a small fortune. When it comes to luwak coffee (or kopi luwak in Indonesian) beans, however, the product tends to live up to the hype and then some.

What Are They?

Luwak coffee beans are a distinct variety of coffee that can only be found in South East Asian countries, including Indonesia. These beans are cultivated in the rich, volcanic soils found on the islands within this exotic chain. Courtesy of the unique mineral composition found in the soil, the beans give up rich, full-bodied flavors that make coffee lovers simply swoon.

These beans also go through a unique process before they are selected for use in final blends. They are digested by the palm civet where the outer proteins are carefully broken down, resulting in a lower acidic level in the beans and flavors that make this type of coffee truly distinct.

These beans are typically grown in small communities where farmers have long family traditions of carefully cultivating luwak coffee. This expertise results in the finest beans being shipped out to buyers across the globe.

Where to Find Them

Kopi luwak coffee beans aren’t found in just any store normally. The best way to find high quality beans is to shop via online retailers who specialize in their trade. The best retailers ensure their beans are indeed as good as the hype claims them to be. In addition, those who shop online will experience these benefits:

* Better pricing – Yes, luwak coffee is expensive, but that’s because of its rarity and the unique process through which it is cultivated. The best online retailers offer fair pricing considering what’s involved in growing the beans.

* The variety – There are numerous blends of luwak coffee available. These varieties result from the locations where the beans are grown, giving each a distinct flavor. Some blends, for example, have a rich hint of chocolate and others might taste more like caramel or mint.

When only the best gourmet coffee will do, luwak lives up to the buzz. This unusual type of coffee only comes from Indonesia where the climate is perfect for growing incredibly flavored beans.

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