Understanding When To See A New Jersey Dermatologist for Skin Allergies

There are many things that can aggravate the skin through contact. While some rashes and irritations go away quickly, others linger and can be quite problematic.

Contact Dermatitis

There are occasions when a person may suffer from a simple allergic reaction from an allergen, but the rash quickly dissipates when the allergen is removed, such as exposure to a pet. This would be considered a simple contact dermatitis. However, for people who suffer from more extensive skin allergic reactions, the situation can be more complex and require the help of a skin specialist to find a remedy.

Undiagnosed Skin Allergies

Skin allergies of unknown origins can be a challenging health concern to remedy. Simple reoccurring dermatitis may be caused by a temporary irritant such as a change in soap brands or the use of new skin or makeup products. However, when the allergen is unknown and particularly virulent, the allergic reaction can be quite severe. Itchiness, a rash, raised, and sore skin often accompany this type of skin reaction.

On occasions where the skin allergen is more extensive, seeing a skin specialist to help diagnose and treat the problem is recommended. Through a series of tests, a skin allergy specialist can determine the cause of the allergic reaction and the recommended skin allergy treatment in East Windsor, NJ, services.

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