The Advantages of an Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

A lot of research has emerged in the last few years to say that human beings are living in ways that are not great for the human body. Specifically, sitting for hours and hours can be incredibly damaging to your health. In fact, sitting for about eight hours a day has been linked to increased mortality rates among research subjects. That figure links exactly to the average work day in the United States. So, it’s possible that you could be putting your health in jeopardy while you’re at work. The solution to this problem is simple. You simply need to stand up more often. This is why different kinds of office yoga have become more popular, as well as standing desks. Standing desks can be permanent desks or they can be adjustable and portable. If you’re putting one in your office, you will want an adjustable standing desk converter.

What’s a Converter?

The converter is a portable device that turns your sit-down desk into a standing desk. In a matter of seconds, you can set it up and raise it to the proper height. They are great because they are both portable and affordable. Buying a new desk can be incredibly expensive; it gets even more expensive if you are trying to buy standing desks for every person in your office. You’ll have to buy all new desks, pay someone to haul away the old ones, and then pay someone to move in the new ones.

Or you could just buy portable desks. You can install these yourself very quickly for a low cost.

Isn’t Standing Uncomfortable?

So, one of the biggest concerns people have is whether they’ll be comfortable while standing at work. You might not want to stand all day every day, but having the option is incredibly important. Research has found that standing actually reduces lower back pain; sitting places between 40 and 80% more pressure on the lower back than standing.

Also, sitting tends to compress the diaphragm, reducing lung function. When you stand up, you can breathe deeper and easier. That makes it easier to work and increases your overall health. Moreover, you’ll be strengthening the small stabilizer muscles in your feet and ankles. That means, over time, standing will get even more comfortable.

Lastly, standing has been proven to increase blood flow to all different parts of your body which helps keep you healthier. Healthy blood flow picks up toxins in different parts of your body and flushes them out. It also delivers oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body. An increased blood flow is important to staying healthy, and standing is a great way to ease that flow.

Applying an adjustable standing desk converter to your desk turns your desk into a standing desk in a matter of seconds. It’s a great way to stay healthy at work.

The converter is a portable device that turns your sit-down desk into a standing desk. Contact us for an adjustable standing desk converter.