Types of Compensation Possible After a Motorcycle Accident in Terre Haute IN

Motorcycle accidents can have some of the worst injuries out of car accidents due to the smaller protection that a motorcycle offers. If you’ve been in a Motorcycle Accident in Terre Haute IN, you may have large medical bills due to the treatments and procedures necessary to fully recover following the accident. When the accident was not your fault, you may be wondering how you are going to pay for all the medical bills. By hiring a lawyer, you can get the compensation that you need from the driver who caused your accident so your bills will be covered. Some of the compensation you may be able to receive includes the following.

Medical Bills – Medical bills can begin at thousands of dollars and quickly move to hundreds of thousands or higher depending on the extent of your injuries. In a case where you were hit by another driver, the other driver or their insurance company may be liable for these bills, so you don’t have to cover them on your own.
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Motorcycle Repair or Replacement – Following many motorcycle accidents, the motorcycle will not be drive-able again and will need to be replaced. Even if the motorcycle can be repaired, however, you may seek to have the repair or replacement covered in the compensation from the other driver.

Time Lost From Work – Since the injuries from a motorcycle accident are often severe, you will probably miss a lot of time at work while you recover. You may not have to worry about covering your other bills, such as your mortgage, while you recover as you may be able to get the time you lost from work added in to the compensation from the at fault driver.

If you’ve been injured due to the neglect or fault of another driver, you may be able to be compensated for the above bills, as well as other bills if necessary. By seeking the help of a lawyer,  your lawyer can help you take the at fault driver and/or their insurance company to court to make sure everything you need as a result of the Motorcycle Accident in Terre Haute IN is covered. You don’t need to worry about how you will pay for all of this as you recover, and a lawyer can help relieve that worry for you.

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