Information on Dental Crowns Through the Dentists in Knoxville TN

Dental crowns are available to cover your teeth and wrap them in protection, when they have become damaged. Tooth damage can occur when you have an injury or experience infection or decay. When the damage is severe, it can affect the health of your tooth and cause it to die. Your tooth can also become unstable because of this type of damage, leading to no other choice but a tooth extraction. To avoid the need for a tooth extraction, your dentist can cover your tooth with a dental crown. This will protect your tooth and shield it from further damage. Through the Dentists in Knoxville TN, your tooth can be saved.

How are Dental Crowns Placed on Your Teeth?

The first step in this procedure involves creating your crown. This is done through a special machine, using an impression created from your tooth. In many dental offices, you can receive your crown the very same day. Once your crown is ready for placement, the dentist will need to prepare your tooth. The preparation portion of the process is important, because it allows your tooth to be prepared to fit in perfectly in the crown. This involves making the tooth smaller and rounder, so it becomes much like a peg shape.

To adhere your crown, a special dental cement is used. This light-sensitive cement is cured instantly when exposed to a special light. The dentist will make sure the crown fits perfectly and will then permanently bond your crown to your tooth, so it can be fully protected. If you are careful with your crown and follow your dentist’s advice for care, it can last for many years. In the event your crown becomes damaged, the Dentists in Knoxville TN can perform a procedure to replace it.

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