Types of Child Custody in Nassau County, NY

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Lawyers

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If your marriage has hit rock bottom and you feel that divorce is the only option, you need to consider the welfare of your children. If it is your first time going through a divorce and you are trying to get child custody, then you should consider hiring an experienced Child Custody attorney in Nassau County, NY to help you with the case. Here is what you need to know about the available custody options:

Joint Custody

This comes into effect when both parents reach an agreement in sharing decisions in their child’s upbringing. Mostly, parents coordinate their busy work schedules in order to have joint custody but this may also be the outcome of a court ruling.
Children of divorcees enjoy joint custody because both parents get involved. For the parents, the weight of bringing up the children becomes lighter but moving the child from one house to the other may become expensive.

Sole Custody

This type of custody gives custodial rights to only one parent while the other may only visit the child. This normally happens when the child is not safe with one of the parents. Children who cannot understand or reason why one of the parents is no longer with them may suffer and this type of custody can lead to parents having conflicts between themselves. Visit the site for complete details.

Physical Custody

In this type of custody, the child and parent live physically together. Joint physical custody of a child is allowed in some states, and both parents get to spend the same amount of time with the child. There is an advantage if the parents live near each other. It is very important to not affect your child, and both parents must make their child’s happiness a priority.

Legal Custody

Legal custody gives the parent the responsibility the right to bring up their child. One parent has the right to make decisions concerning the child in all matters i.e. religion, school and health.

Most states allow joint legal custody but problems can arise when parents do not agree on their child’s upbringing; which may in turn affect the child. If you need to know more about Child Custody in Nassau Countym NY, contact Keith, Shapiro & Ford at Website domain.

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