Trailer Repair Cameron Park Services

For any business that relies on transporting equipment and materials, keeping your trailers in top condition is a must. No matter if you are a lawn care service or roofer, your trailer is the backbone of your business. There are many preventative and proactive things you can do to keep your trailer operational. Knowing the condition of your equipment is essential in keeping your company on the road. Annual inspections of your trailers should be a requirement. The things that need to be inspected include wheels, axle, couplings, electrical, floorboard and frame.

The wheels and axles must be rust free and straight. Check for bearing wear and the breaks if there are any. Make sure the tires are properly inflated, and the tread is at least 2/32 of an inch. Do not use tires meant for passenger cars. Most trailer tires have an ST marking on the sidewall. Pay attention to the load requirements of the tire and do not overload them.

Trailers are required to have brake-lights and turn signals, especially if they are the box type. Check that there is no frayed or burnt wiring and that all the bulbs work. Look at the connectors for any cracks or loose contacts. Check the fuses for burnt marks. Keeping your electrical systems in good repair helps prevent fires and your trailer street legal. Click here to get more information.

Your ball couplings are not be rusted, bent or lose fitting. 5th wheel trailers requires more maintenance then do ball couplings. Make sure the 5th wheel plate on your tractor or work truck is tightened down and properly greased. Look for bent goose necks and ball connectors on the trailer.

Trailer frames should not be rusted, dented, or bent. Look for cracks in the frames support system. Any holes in the body or frame of the trailer must be welded and patched. The floorboards must be clean and properly attached to the frame. Wooden floorboards should not be splintered or rotted. Having the floor of the trailer weather sealed helps keep the floor strong and long lasting.

If you do find things that need to be wrong on your trailer in your annual trailer inspection, there are a few Trailer Repair Cameron Park services. Most states require inspection to register and title a commercial trailer. Trailer insurance is also required for business operations. Vintage Transport Cameron Park is a good company to talk to about annual inspection of your trailer.

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