Common Questions About Trailer Repair In Cameron Park

Whether you use your trailer for work or play, it has to be ready to go at any minute. When you need Trailer Repair Cameron Park professionals can quickly get your trailer fixed so you can be on the road again. Below you’ll find questions and answers about common trailer problems.

Q.) What are the reasons why my trailer lights won’t work?

A.) If your trailer lights aren’t working, there are a number of things you can check. Inspect the ground connections to make sure that they are hooked to a metal surface that’s not dirty or corroded. Look at the connectors and change them if they’re corroded. Carefully look at all of the wiring to make sure there are no breaks. Test the bulbs to see if they work and replace those that are blown. You can also view website to know more.

Q.) Since I had a minor accident with my trailer, the tire wear is uneven and it isn’t handling as good as it used to. What might be the problem and can it be fixed?

A.) Accidents, running over a curb and even heavy use can cause uneven wear on your trailer tires. Once this begins to happen, you should get your trailer to a repairman as quickly as you can. This is a safety hazard because it can actually cause your tire to blow out while you’re driving down the highway. There could be a number of issues with your trailer including spindle, axle or leak spring damage. You might even have an issue with your braking system, which is also dangerous. A qualified and experienced repairman can inspect your trailer and do the necessary repairs so that your trailer handles like new and isn’t a safety hazard.

Q.) How often should I grease the wheel bearings on my trailer wheels?

A.) For proper function, you should lubricate your wheel bearings once a year. If you use your trailer daily and put a lot of miles on it, you should grease them every six months.

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