Top 3 Best Supplements for Erections

While there are several types of medications that can be used for erectile dysfunction, but for many men, these products are not the ideal solution. You may not be able to mix them with your current medications, or you may have another reason for staying away from medications. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept erectile dysfunction forever. There are many natural supplements that can help enhance libido and improve erectile function.

In our OnDemand natural male enhancer has a blend of many natural ingredients that are all shown to help with libido. In this article, we’re going to highlight three of those ingredients that are some of the best supplements for erections that men can find today.

Why Ginseng is One of the Best Supplements for Erections

Ginseng is a plant that has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years in Asia. Traditionally, this plant was used to help increase all types of energy, especially in older people. It was also used to help lower stress and feelings of anxiety.

But modern science has shown that ginseng specifically helps stimulate a low libido, prevent premature ejaculation, and enhance erectile function. Ginseng primarily does this by helping to increase blood flow through boosting the production of certain amino acids. Modern studies have also shown that ginseng can help reduce the symptoms of diabetes, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Two More Best Supplements for Erections: Wild Yam and Stinging Nettles

There are two other extracts that are often included in erectile function supplements, and those are wild yam and stinging nettles extracts.

As we age, our bodies stop producing the hormones that are needed for libido and sexual performance. In men specifically, testosterone levels fall as they reach their senior years. Wild yam has been shown to help balance hormones, which not only boosts sexual desire, but also helps to balance mood and energy levels overall.

Stinging nettle extract also helps to boost testosterone production in the body, but it also does another important job for men. It helps to inhibit the production of an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen in the body. With more testosterone and less estrogen, erectile function is healthier and more active.

These supplements are just three of the best natural supplements for erections. Talk to your doctor before starting a supplement regimen.

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