To Find Good Movers, Canton Ohio Residents Have to Consider Their Options

by | May 23, 2016 | moving

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When selecting movers, Canton Ohio residents have plenty of companies from which to choose. Selecting the correct company for you is not as difficult as it may seem. It basically comes down to selecting the services you need, finding the companies that offer them and then verifying that those companies are reputable and easy to work with.

What Moving Services are Important to You?
Every person who moves has a different list of priorities and “Non-negotiables” that apply to the moving process. If all someone needs is a couple of big guys and a truck to move their possessions from one end of Canton, Ohio to the other, then just about any moving company will fit the bill. In most cases, however, there are other services that will be needed that only select movers can provide. For instance, some companies will offer packing and unpacking services, and these can be vital to a busy family that simply doesn’t have the time.

Another moving service that you might find beneficial is storage, which is particularly helpful when moving to a smaller place or when your new home won’t be ready until some time after you vacate your old home. For long distance moves, packets of information about the destination provided by the moving company can be very helpful, as well.

Services a Mover Can Provide That Might Surprise You
These might not be on your list of “Must-haves,” but there are some things that moving companies can be quite helpful and quite unexpected. For instance, some movers can help to de-clutter and stage your home, and even help to formulate an effective strategy for selling it. For your new home, they can help you to find a realtor, obtain a loan, and in some cases even help you to find temporary housing until your new home is ready for move-in.

The Marks of a Good and Reputable Company
The first step to finding movers in any industry is usually to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They give a letter grade and show complaints that have been made about a particular company. Other comparison sites can also help to show customer reviews that may aid in getting a handle on a moving company’s reputation.

Another thing to look for is whether or not they offer free quotes—the better companies usually do. Proper insurance and the offer of valuation coverage is another good indicator that a company may be more professional than others.

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